Daniel B. Bradt


Daniel B. Bradt was born in September 1736. He was the son of Bernardus and Catharia Van Vechten Bradt. He was known as "Daniel B. Bradt" to prevent confusion with several same-named contemporaries. He grew up in Albany's first ward and on the waterfront - where he helped his father operate the cross-river ferry.

In May 1756, he married his cousin, Willempie Bradt, at the Albany Dutch church. By 1772, their six children had been christened at the Albany church.

In 1756 and 1757, he was appointed constable for the third ward. He also served as high constable. In 1758, he agreed to terms with the city council for the ferry on behalf of his father. He served as a contractor and may have been a wagonner - following his father in that as well. Assessment rolls valued his property in the second ward. In 1790, "Daniel Bradt's" second ward household accommodated his wife and four children.

After 1790, his name dropped from city rolls. Daniel B. Bradt lived out his days in eastern New York. He died in 1805 and was buried at Hoosic. His will passed probate in Rensselaer County.

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