Project Benefactors

The following individuals have provided substantial non personal services support to the Colonial Albany Social History Project through monetary contributions, donations of equipment and supplies, and by contributing books and other research materials.  Their support is gratefully acknowledged.


Tricia A. Barbagallo
Thomas E. Burke
Harold C. Colbeth
Arthur Cortwright
George A. Damiano
Ted Egly
Jan Ghee
David Hackett
Coreen and Lewis Hallenbeck
Alice P. Kenney
Tim Lynch
Chuck McGatha
Joseph F. Meany
Kirby Miller
Robert E. Mulligan
Shirley Johnson Rice
Betty Ring
Leonard F. Tantillo
Derrick Van Schoonhoven
Stephan Wolf
Reid Zulager

Corporate and Institutional Benefactors

Albany Tricentennial Commission
Bradt Family Association
First American Bank
New York State Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution
Sears Roebuck Company

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first posted: 1999; last updated 4/2/11. However, this list is by no means comprehensive!