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Lived: December 5, 1773 - January 28, 1867 (aged 94)

Hometown: Born in Newton, CT and moved to New York City in 1776.

Captain Daniel Turner was born December 5, 1773 in Newtown, Connecticut to Miller and Alathea (Skidmore) Turner. In September of 1776 his family fled Newtown, Connecticut to go to New York City as they were tories. His mother died in New York City in 1781. At the end of the Revolution they fled to New Brunswick, Canada. Within five years they came back to the United States but went to Arlington, Vermont. In June of 1811, Daniel Turner is listed as a Lieutenant in the 10th Company of 2nd Vermont Militia. He was promoted to Captain in either 1812 or 1813 as he is listed as Captain of the Company in June of 1813.

The Vermont Militia was called to Federal service in support of military operations along the New York border.  Vermont's governor, Martin Crittenden, citing the lack of defense along his state's own border with Canada, recalled the militia later that year. In 1814, 2,000 Vermont Militiamen, including Captain Turner and the 2nd Vermont, responded to General Alexander Macomb's call for troops in the face of the British invasion on Lake Champlain. These Vermont volunteers played a key role in the defenses at Plattsburgh.

He seems to have served during the entire war as he is listed as the Captain of the Company in 1815 and 1816. In 1797, Daniel Turner married Jerusha Terrill, who was the daughter of George Terrill, a Captain in the Connecticut Militia during the revolution. Their union was blessed with 5 children. Daniel died while living with his daughter, Marilla, on January 28, 1867 in Dover, NH. Jerusha had predeseased him in 1848 in the Northwest part of New York State.

SUBMITTED BY: Adam Gaines, 5th great-grandson of Captain Turner. Mr. Gaines resides in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada.