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Illustration of Fortifications around New York City in 1814. Todd would have been stationed at one such post.
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Lived: April 7, 1781 - January 10, 1872 (aged 91)

Hometown: Washington, Dutchess County, New York

Battles: Defense of New York City

Lt. Col. William Whetten Todd was born April 7, 1781, in Washington, Dutchess County, New York. He started his military career with the 2nd Regiment, New York County militia on February 16, 1802 when he was commissioned as a Ensign. Promotion to Captain occurred the following year in 1803. By 1809 he was made Second Major. In 1810 he was promoted to First Major of the 4th New York Regiment and in 1814 was made Lt. Col. in command of the 82nd.

William Whetten Todd's service during the War of 1812 was spent in the defense of New York City which was never attacked by the British. Todd is mentioned in numerous letters of Governor Daniel Tompkins showing that Todd played an active role. On January 24, 1807 Todd married Mary Caroline Duffie who was the daughter of Todd's employer and later business partner John Duffie. This marriage was blessed with 10 children. William Todd later focused his business on the salt trade and for a period owned numerous! ships. He was respected as one of the "Old Merchants of New York City" and died in his 91st year on January 10, 1872.

SUBMITTED BY: Robert Gang from Cicero, NY and 3rd great-grandson to Lt. Col. Todd.