Jacob Brown

New York State Museum Collection, H-1955.1.1


Manufacturer: Lemuel Wells and Company, New York City

Dimensions: 33 1/4 in x 28 in x 4 in

The blade is badly pitted in several places; the broad, shallow fuller runs for 22 inches; the engraving is gilded but there is no trace of bluing if such was once present. On the obverse is a decorative frieze, a trophy of arms, the American Eagle with motto and "glory" of stars and clouds; plus floral ornament.

On the reverse is the same frieze, a floral scroll reading, "L. Wells // & Co. // New York" a trophy of trident crossed flags and cannon tubes, finally the floral ornament. The ivory grip is reeded alternately two narrow and one wide and is split in two places. The brass hilt has been gilded, consisting of eagle head pommel, knucklebow counter-guard with 4 scallop edged piercings and plain ferule.

Museum records indicate that this sword was attributed to Killian Van Rensselaer, the Albany Patrician. It is, however, an early 19th Century sword and was therefore likely carried by Killian's nephew, Solomon Van Rensselaer.