Jacob Brown
New York State Museum Collection, H-1972.37.6


Manufacturer: Unknown

Dimensions: 2.69" x 2.19"

Cross belt plate of the 100th Regiment of foot. Stamped into the surface by hand method is a crown. Below are the Roman numeral for 100 engraved by hand. Corners are rounded and the edges are irregular in outline. On the reverse, one stud remains, plus the base of the hook; the second stud broken off flush with the plate.

The 100th Regiment of Foot (Prince Regent's County of Dublin Regiment) was raised in Ireland in 1804 for service in the Napoleonic Wars, but was transferred to Nova Scotia in 1805. 271 men were lost when their troopship was wrecked off Newfoundland.

During the War of 1812 the regiment served on the Canadian frontier, first seeing action at Sackett's Harbor in May 1813, and then at the assault on Fort Niagara in December. The 100th participated at the Battle of Chippewa and at the failed siege of Fort Erie.

In 1816 the regiment was renumbered the 99th Regiment of Foot. It did not leave Canada until 1818. According to Museum Records, this cross plate  was excavated on the Niagara Frontier.