Jacob Brown
New York State Museum Collection, H-1972.37.5


Manufacturer: Unknown

Dimensions: 3" x 2.25"

Embossed brass bearing insignia of the King's Regiment, ca. 1812

With tensions rising between Great Britain and the United States, the 8th (King’s) Regiment was ordered to Canada in April 1809. With the outbreak of war, the regiment was moved to Montreal to protect Lower Canada from an expected invasion. In February 1813 the King's Regiment participated in the successful assault on Ogdensburg, New York.

Members of the unit attempted to stop the American landings on the shores of Lake Ontario during the battle of York (Toronto) in April 1813. In July of 1814, The King's Regiment saw service at the battle of Chippewa and at Lundy's Lane and in the following siege at Fort Erie.

In June 1815, after six years of service, the King's Regiment left Canada for England. This belt plate bearing the Regimental Crest, was excavated along the Niagara Frontier.